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A brief guide to the work done for our clients.
Hybrid Remote Backup System
We generate an anti-disaster solution for a database of a major Argentine company, where incremental backups are generated every 30 minutes to a Cloud in Canada which in turn sends information to a Dedicated Server in France, communication between servers is made to through vRack and it is totally private.
Wordpress audit (security, optimization of resources, SEO)
We generate audits for +1700 websites, through which we have corrected hundreds of problems in security, programming, design, optimization and bad practices. We raise awareness among our clients to obtain the best result with their website, leaving the complicated and technical part in our hands.
Installation and optimization in Cloud system for Hosting
A network of cloud servers running under centos 7 + Cloud Linux was generated, in which optimization tasks and application updates were performed, firewall improvements to avoid DDoS attacks and intrusions, Nginx was installed to run against Apache, we also left prepared a certification system with HTTP2 and active APLN.
Branding of Video Streaming in Cloud Instance
Installation of Wowza and its optimization. In turn, Cast Control was installed first, but afterwards the client decided to use WSE Manager. Work done for a Television Channel with a large volume of viewers and high consumption of resources
Radio Streaming System on Dedicated Server
We install and optimize Dedicated Server, Centova Cast, Shoutcast and Icecast, as we also help the client to understand how the system works, we currently provide monthly and technical advice to the agency.
Dedicated Servers and Cloud for Web Hosting
We carry out daily installations of applications for companies that have websites and do not want to share resources with other users. In which we use hundreds of tools and carry out daily monitoring, guaranteeing the security of the information and stability of the service provided.

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Hardware Configuration
We will determine which hardware best meets the requirements / goals of the corporation; which involves considering current capacity, expected capacity, cost, compatibility, availability of resources, etc.
Operating System and Applications
We analyze the current / required / optimal operating system for the task you want to perform as well as the appropriate software for such task.
Implementing security systems
This is an area that often causes a lot of problems. Companies that have Internet access have to consider possible attacks from those who consider breaking systems to make them behave differently or leave them offline.
Monitoring and Planting
You always need to be alert to the limitations imposed by hardware and software. You need to monitor network traffic to determine when you need to increase hardware / software, monitor disk space to determine when you need to grow storage, monitor memory and processors to verify load and estimate when you need to increase.
Anti-Disaster Recovery
Creating and preserving copies of the system at different stages of development is an important task. This ensures that everyone's work, including the administrator, will not be lost and can be recovered.
Tunning System
We apply different optimization techniques that allow us to obtain the maximum efficiency from the available resources.
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