Surely happened to you. It’s time to innovate in your marketing strategy and looks like ideas are hiding away.Having a Radio & Video Streaming may be a really good idea for any company nowadays,

With so many competition we are always looking for a different service. So the question comes up, which is the best way to gain some presence in such demanding market as is Internet?

Websites and professionals are constantly sharing tips to optimize your Inboud Marketing, loyalty clients and tools that internet provides for your brand development. But, what would happen if going back to old habits, as Radio Internet, would be potentially more efficient?

You will understand on this post why you should start using Live streaming in your Marketing Planning:

Benefits to have a Radio & Video Streaming

Generate emotions in your clientes: We all know the importance of personalizing your communication and make a difference in your service. Using Live Streaming, your customer satisfaction will end up as a fact.

Digital Identity: Even if you use radio & video streaming, Facebook TV & Radio; brand humanization will impact one way or another positively. Your “personality” could be exposed “On Time”

Flow Interaction: Using this practices, users are allowed to comment through hashtags and receive their answers during the transmission.

Integration: There’s no doubt: best way to fidelize your clientes is using integrating them in your business plans. Users are going to generate kind of  sense of belonging to your brand.

So now you know some of the benefits of using Live Streaming. Do not lose the oportunity to expand and build up your brand using Live Streaming.

You just need to make the deciston. Inovanex will work for you.

Why should I chose INOVANEX instead of other server?

1- we will provide you integral solutions based on special servers.

2- You will broadcast live wherever you want without any bound.

3- You won’t need to take care of installations, we are going to make it for you (and also give you specialized technique support)

4- Our servers comes with ADMIN PANEL, where you will control your server, reset it, switch it off, manage statistics among other options.

We offer 100% REAL PLANS, ensuring our servers capacity.

Keep in mind, there´s no unlimited streaming radio, read more here.

You are not hiring a service. You are guaranteeing your business to have the best professionals,  highly qualified and supporting you 24/7.

We might not have best prices, but cost-quality is totally fair.